From 01/16/2016 to 01/21/2016

Event @ Galerie Charlot

Featured Artists

The Wrong Biennale
(in)Exactitude in Science

Pavilion curated by Filippo Lorenzin & Kamilia Kard

Artists : Antoine Schmitt - Enrico Boccioletti - Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion - Marco Cadioli - Alka Cappellazzo - Marco Mendeni - Mighty Kongbot - Jacques Perconte - Guido Segni - Natalia Trejbalova - Fabien Zocco

The Wrong is the largest and most comprehensive digital art biennale today. Its mission is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience worldwide through a biennial event that gathers the best art selected by the best, while embraces the young talents of today’s exciting digital art scene.

The Wrong is divided into online and IRL locations around the world. The online biennale happens in pavilions; virtual curated spaces in which selected works are exhibited. The offline biennale happens in The Wrong Embassy Network, art spaces, galleries, institutions and artist run spaces in cities around the world which feature temporary AFK projects, featuring live performances, workshops, artist talks and exhibitions.

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Natalia Trejbalova


Marco Cadioli with Pontus Carle


Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion


Marco Cadioli


Antoine Schmitt; Alka Cappellazzo; Guido Segni

Jacques Perconte


Fabien Zocco

Marco Mendeni

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