From 01/29/2022 to 04/16/2022

Solo show @ Galerie Charlot Paris

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Etymol: Latin word meaning "progress, progression", derived from procedere "to advance", see proceed. As a term of anatomy, the Latin process is found in Louis Vassée (Catalaunensis, in anatomen corporis humani, Paris: Faezendat, 1541). 

Def. 1: Continuous sequence of facts, of phenomena presenting a certain unity or a certain regularity in their unfolding. They can characterize the evolution of a state considered in its development, such as the moult of cicadas. By extension, it can be about exchanges and functioning of systems and devices in interface with their environments.

Def. 2: Set of successive operations, adopted, organized and followed in view of a determined result, such as the realization of the plan of a circuit for the manufacture of an electronic card. Model likely to give an account of the sequence of series necessary to the combination and the organization of a realization, here through the presentation of a set of works.

Def. 3: In anatomy, it is the formation constituting the extension of an organ, a structure or a tissue. It is the transformation of the matter to form a body, even today for the manufacture of a machine.

Abacus Algorythm

by Zaven Paré

Plexiglas, bakelite, stainless steel, telephone wires and beads
45 x 20 cm

Écorchés de Geminoid HI-1

by Zaven Paré

Watercolour on paper
48 x 32,5 cm