From 04/21/2022 to 07/30/2022

Group show @ Galerie Charlot Paris

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Art Me!

Curated by Dominique Moulon for Galerie Charlot

Artists: Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Sabrina Ratté, Marie Serruya, Jeanne Susplugas, Penelope Umbrico Aram Bartholl, Mikhail Margolis, Pierrick Sorin, Eric Vernhes, Du Zhenjun, Universal Everything

At the heart of the Art Me! exhibition is the desire to reconsider what unites artists to their artworks, which they inhabit, populate with characters, or open to the public. The idea, therefore, as Allan Kaprow suggested in the Sixties, is that nothing must separate art from life, as attested by his Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life (1993). Nowadays, there are still artists performing happenings whether privately, in the public space, or on the Internet, benefiting from the magic and efficiency of contemporary technologies in order to embody their creations. We must recognise that there are many techniques that encourage artists to rethink the nature of their relationship to the beings that literally ‘populate’ their works, for example: scanning, modelling, or motion capture, and also artificial intelligence. The 3D models thus represented are in the exact measure of real people. It could be a matter of detail, one might think, but in fact this distinction is likely to reinforce the empathy of the audience inevitably recognising itself in a gesture or a posture that is strangely familiar. But revolutions, in art, are also the consequences of the democratisations of the artistic practices due to the emergence of innovations: going from the Kodak film to the Apple iPhone, not to mention the platforms of sharing, precisely where artistic practices mix with those of hobbyists without knowing who influences who! Indeed, how many artists collect their image files by tracking them through their index names in the realm of emojis to create collages that continue well beyond the frames? Finally, there are the artworks of which we are the heroes: the creations that we experience, through manipulation or virtually. By interacting, we magnify technical objects; in immersion, without any body, we become the essential component of the artwork that we complete, in the case that we are not already the artwork itself. Like the artists creating happenings and more widely performers who, in action, not only make an act of creation, but also are the creation itself. This brings us back to the French translation of Allan Kaprow’s book that is even more precise: L’art et la vie confondus.

Dominique Moulon


by Aram Bartholl

Face recognition, emojis, archival inkjet on paper, framed
Edition of 5 + 2AP
130 x 100cm

I Have Been There, New York

by Chun Hua Catherine Dong

Inkjet print on paper, framed
Edition of 5 + 2AP
81 x 122 cm

Colosseum-Global arrestation

by Du Zhenjun

Print on paper, framed
Edition of 6
120 x 160 cm


by Eric Vernhes

Metal, screen, computer, specific programme
Edition of 1 + 2AP
170 x 40 x 10 cm

I will sleep when I’m dead

by Jeanne Susplugas

Virtual reality
Edition of 10
6mn 40s

In my brain (C)

by Jeanne Susplugas

Ink on paper, framed
3 sizes available

In my brain (M)

by Jeanne Susplugas

Inkjet print on paper, framed
3 sizes available

Russian Voodoo

by Mikhail Margolis

Cardboard, tin, screen, electronics, video, thread
Interactive work
5 + 1 AP
18 x 60 x 11 cm

Disco Holo

by Marie Serruya

Mirror portrait, hologram, interactive electronic system, walnut and rosewood base, inverted pyramid in dichroic glass
170 x 35 x 40 cm

Sunset Portraits from 49,225,237 Sunset Pictures on 03/29/2022

by Penelope Umbrico

Machine c-prints, each 10 x 15cm
150 x 244 cm total

Pierrick on the Moon (mission 2)

by Pierrick Sorin

Optical device and projection
Edition of 3 + 2AP
Variable dimensions


by Universal Everything

4K realtime video stream, stereo sound
Edition of 6
Infinite duration

Monade IV

by Sabrina Ratté

Pigment ink print
Edition of 5 + 1 AP
80 x 80 cm