Manfred Mohr at Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary


OSAS - FOUND GEOMETRY I have been entertaining this idea since Manfred Mohr’s 2013 Christmas greeting. During his London exhibition, Manfred spent his free hours walking the streets and noticing small phenomena, which one way or another resonated with the structural systems encoded in his mind. In the everyday environment, these occurrences became playful, undirected, free and fresh. All visual artists encounter spectacles and small events that fit their work, shed light on possible ways forward, and provide inspiration. These cannot be forgotten: artists store them in their memory, occasionally returning to them, recording them, perhaps modelling and reproducing them. It is these kinds of uninhibited “recordings” and documents of observation, these alert reactions to the environment – rather than polished, thought-through artefacts – that we wish to present at the next exhibition of OSAS, entitled FOUND GEOMETRY, which will open on 22 November 2017 at the Vasarely Museum, Budapest. In addition to invited Hungarian and international exhibitors, we also welcome observations and models by artists who have not yet participated in our concrete-constructive program. Dóra Maurer