Closing performance of Nova_XX / Wikifemia - Computer Grrrls


On the occasion of the closing of the Nova_XX Biennale, on 5 January 2020 at the Galerie Charlot, at the invitation of Valentina Peri, Roberte la Rousse will explain her approach "en francaise dans le texte" and present her latest project "Wikifémia - computer grrrls", which makes visible the place of women in the history of IT. Wikifemia is a series of performances that feature biographies of remarkable women featured in the French version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The story is organized around a hypertextual navigation from article to article. The text is written in feminine style, because it aims to demasculinize history as much as language and its grammar. Roberte la Rousse's interest in Wikipedia is motivated by the fact that it is an essential place for the production and dissemination of knowledge (it is the 5th most visited site on the Internet and the first non-commercial site). Although based on a principle of neutrality, the production of knowledge on Wikipedia is not. For example, in 2019, of the biographies on the French version of Wikipedia, 17% are dedicated to women and between 10% and 30% of women contributors to Wikipedia are women. The Wikifemia project points out these biases! In collaboration with the Wallonies-Bruxelles' Center