Valentina Peri is one of the speakers at the conference "Drawing in the digital age", DDessin Art Fair


Speakers : Marie-Laure Desjardins, Doctor of Art Sciences and founder of ArtsHebdoMédias, Joanie Lemercier, Artist, Emo de Medeiros, Artist and Valentina Peri, Director of Galerie Charlot // This year, a conference will address the many issues relating to drawing in the digital age. Drawing in the digital age is protean. It is a point, becomes a line, a network, and then emerges from the flatness of the sheet. It takes shape, deforms, turns on itself... Geometric convolutions are born from words that fly away and never return to their starting point. This is how the doses of randomness injected into the algorithms work! But not all numerical features are computer programs. Far from it. If digital technology has favoured the appearance of works entirely designed by computer, it has also allowed new practices and new uses to emerge. It is now not uncommon to find artists drawing on their tablet or smartphone. In addition, the appearance and multiplication of applications allow the hybridization of media. A classic drawing can reveal a shower of stars or interlacing sentences. It can be animated and play many scenarios. And then, there are also these sketches that are born and come to fruition without even the cartoonist having to be present. Each of his certainties or hesitations are recorded. The subject appears and disappears before the fascinated gaze of the visitors. Who has never dreamt of observing their favourite artist drawing? Talking about digital in the world of drawing also means talking about the use of new media, especially social networks.