Galerie Charlot @ Private Choice


From 10/19 to 10/25 Galerie Charlot presents two videos by Sabrina Ratté during the 9th edition of Private Choice, Undream (2018) and Machine For Living, Creteil (2018). For its ninth edition, Private Choice presents itself under the theme of «Inner Journey». Nadia Candet and her team will bring together artists and designers from different backgrounds to offer an ephemeral collection of art and design pieces. A unique experience that stands out from the format of the Fair. As soon as they enter, visitors are transported into the digital world of Sabrina Ratté, where architecture and landscapes metamorphose endlessly in a hypnotic rhythm. «Studying the work of Sabrina Ratté is to glimpse otherworlds, built from elements of our own. These portals into impossible places, from the flora and topography of imaginary landscapes to undulating waveforms and strange masses of glitches and plasma, are unreachable and yet the exhibition space is transformed.. (Excerpt from Darran Anderson’s text for the exhibition Cité-jardin at galerie charlot, 2019) Visit by invitation after registration: Valérie +33 6 09 66 76 76 - Valentina +33 6 33 95 56 93 -

Machine For Living - Créteil

by Sabrina Ratté