Anne-Sarah Le Meur participates in the group exhibition FLUXXY


FLUXXY feminine-masculine-plural of fluxus connects with a deaf choreography punctuated by the contemporary flow, the hypersensitive desire to grow with the breath of the other. The abstraction of forms does not exclude artists' commitment to reality. Duan Zhao and Anne-Sarah Le Meur stage the surpassing of their bodies in the construction of soft and floating visual sensations. Pauline Bazignan's paintings, at the edge of the immaterial, reveal the trace of an undulatory flow that takes us out of the frame. In a call to diffuse the energies of the world, Julie Navarro patiently apprehends the nature of matter - pigments, oil, ink - which diffracts; it transforms it into luminous current and light vapour. Stephen Maas seizes the fragile movement of colored shapes to play with material instability, bordering on reversal. Guillaume Talbi's organic sculptures, touched by light, release the color that makes its way through the powdery white opacity of the texture.