Expo flash : Anne Sarah Le Meur at Espace Temps


Anne-Sarah Le Meur takes part in the Espace temps flash exhibition from February 15 to 18, 2024. "No love is foreign to us, for man has more in common than he has differences. Madame Butterfly and Carmen are no strangers to us. A human love is never "foreign" to another human. Hence the stupidity of Nations and their laws, their borders, their territories drawn in pencil on old maps. You can make a circle of fire to chase away wolves, but not men or women. Who knows if this judge isn't sending away the love of his life by deporting this Congolese woman to a country she no longer wants? Who's to say this Russian isn't murdering his cousin by killing this young Ukrainian? Love has no borders, no social class, no master, no god, love is anarchist. That said, it's impossible to love everyone at the same time, and galleries only have four walls, hence the difficult choices made at this fifth show, especially given the large number of applications. The absence of a CV may play a role, but a CV is a source of exclusion and arbitrary elitism. In this show, inspired by the salons of yesteryear, the choice is made first and foremost between the works and the unknown, the newcomer. In a free and democratic country, international preference must be exercised; openness is the sine qua non of love. Welcome to love!" Laurent Quenehen Exhibition opening February 14, 6:00 pm.