The Magic Forest par Quayola au musée des Beaux-Arts de Lille


Over the centuries, trees and forests have been alternately revered and feared, protected and hated, seen as a resource that can be depleted, and more recently as a complex ecosystem that mirrors that of the entire planet. Forests have inhabited our imaginations since time immemorial. Among men and women, artists have cast a singular gaze on trees and forests, sensing their importance in the balance of the living world. How have artists represented the forest? What virtues, what powers, what attention have they paid to them? This is the purpose of this exhibition, which offers a powerful experience and an immersion in the imaginary world of forests, based on a selection of works (paintings, installations, film extracts). An exhibition that is both aesthetic and militant, eco-designed to reveal the artists' precocious ecological intuition.


  • + Quayola (represented by Galerie Charlot)