From 09/08/2017 to 10/07/2017

Galerie Charlot Paris

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Exhibition curated by Fabio Paris with Link Art Center, Brescia, IT

"Plagiarism is necessary, it is implied by progress." — Isidore Ducasse, Comte de Lautréamont 1870 is a collaborative project designed to celebrate 100 years of Dadaism, in the light of two crucial concepts of the art of the twenty-first century that Dadaism anticipated: sharing, and the reuse of existing materials.

For a year, from 5 February 2016 - the anniversary of the start of dada in Zurich - to 5 February 2017, published high quality digital copies (2D scans and 3D models) of a selection of Dadaist works and magazine covers, and invited artists, designers and students from all over the world to download them, use them in their work, and share the results in a dedicated gallery.

The scanning and publication of the original Dadaist works was made possible by the Campiani Collection, one of the most complete collections of Dadaist works in Italy.

Over the year, the project collected more than 120 remixes of dada art works: static images, small animations, videos, web pages, 3D models and documentation of objects. Alongside the numerous works submitted by the artists themselves there was a curated section of commissioned works published in a Monthly Feature.

The works are made available online according to the same conditions applied to the circulation and usage of the originals they are based on (Creative Commons license 4.0: attribution, noncommercial, share alike).

This exhibition presents a selection of works published on website, as well as the related original pieces, with the aim of demonstrating the vital energy these artworks still possess, one century on.

Original Dada works by : Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Paul Citroën, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy

Related works by : Andreas Agam, Domenico Barra, Aram Bartholl, Vasiliki Biska, Camilla Bassani, Marco Cadioli, Vuk Cosic, Ludovic Coutinho, Giovanni Fredi, Emilie Gervais, Fausto Gilberti, Thomas Israel, JODI, Inhye Lee, Jan Robert Leegte, Raquel Meyers, Esther Miquel, Rick Niebe, Zaven Paré, Leonardo Petrucci, Giulia Ravi Ravasi, Intimidad Romero, Evan Roth, Heinz Kralle Schielmann, UBERMORGEN, Eric Vernhes, Paolo Visentini.

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Man Ray "Belle Haleine"

Silver gelatin print, 1920
Courtesy Campiani Collection

Fausto Gilberti "Eau de toilette"

Markers and digital collage

Vuk Cosic "Psychodada"

Digital Image

Emilie Gervais

Digital Image

Inhye Lee "Plus Belle Haleine"

by Inhye Lee

Animated gif

Leonardo Petrucci "Porno DaDaDa – Rrose Sélavy"

Video, sound, 0:41min

Marcel Duchamp "Handmade stereopticon slides"

Lithography, 1918
Courtesy Campiani Collection

Evan Roth "stereopticon.gif"

Animated gif

Esther Miquel "Handmade Stereopticon Slides"

Digital video

Vasiliki Biska "Digital collage"

Digital collage

Zaven Paré "Stéréopticon yourself"


Eric Vernhes "Stéréoscopie à la main"

Digital Print

Paul Citroen "Alannah"

Silver gelatin print and ink drawing, 1931
Courtesy Campiani Collection


Photoshop Composite

Jodi "goo?EWsa=777777777777777777777//rjOWQWbshLgo"

Giulia Ravi Ravasi "Blink Dada"

Animated GIF

Intimidad Romero

Digital Image

Man Ray "Long Distance"

Stencil, 1926
Courtesy Campiani Collection

Aram Bartholl "your happiness guaranteed"

Image on t-shirt

Jan Robert Leegte "Dada net art diagram"

Digital image

Raquel Meyers "dadarchy"

Animated gif

Marco Cadioli "DADAClock"


Lazlo Moholy-Nagy "Mord auf den Schienen"

Silver gelatin print, 1925
Courtesy Campiani Collection

Ludovic Coutinho "Dada Scan"

Glitched digital image

Rick Niebe "Combat Dada Gif"

Animated Gif

Paolo Visentini "Murder Chewing"

Animated GIF

Andreas Agam "Murder on the Screen"

Digital collage


by Thomas Israël

Generative art piece (video extract)

Man Ray "Rayogram"

Silver gelatin print
Courtesy Campiani Collection

Camilla Bassani "Rayogram 2016"

Scanning of objects

Heinz Kralle Schielmann

Digital manipulation, digital collage

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition View

Exhibition view